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So I have two more ideas for online strips right now. It will also be time to really knuckle down and get on my book project again. I have enough strips to do a compilation book but my next "big" thing needs doing and time is a wastin'.
The big book is perplexing. I am having doubts as to how to format things and may ditch an entire section of it altogether. Everything is always in flux it seems with the new book.
As for it being my "last" book project if no pubs bite, it's possible. I am 43 years old. I can see finally coming to terms with my comics simply being a legacy for my kids type of thing if no one gives a shit about publishing this book. Still I need to get it done first.
I am somewhat excited for TCAF in a few weeks. Especially picking up Box Brown's Andre the Giant biography and looking over some other cool new shit. It always kinda bites me in the ass that I haven't tabled since 2009 but really, I don't HAVE any new things to sell and the show is so much bigger than a small potatoes kind of guy like me. Other folks who have fallen out of comics seem to be fine with it but it's hard for me. Fucking dreams and shit.
So it's the night before Good Friday 2014 and the bald guy is feeling old. I came across a gal I had a young man's crush on via Facebook, and now it's 25 years on...well that's one of my ideas for a strip. "Missed Opportunities" I think I'll call it. Will likely have a Star Trek reference in it I'm very fond of from a film most people diss the shit out of but I have a great fondness for.
What else? I ordered a 602 page book online called "Slovakia: Fall in the Heart of Europe". It seems more and more that the best comics are NOT coming via Diamond's monopoly but through folks offering their wares on the Internet and the like.
Does anyone read Livejournal anymore? Ah well. I vented some spleen here.


Yeah some old guys still read LJ.. :P

There's a chance I might be wandering around TCAF for the first time this year. If it happens then I will try to keep an eye out for you....

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