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-Dave Lapp: Really, really intense guy. He was in the room I was in, within listening and view, and I was completely mesmerized by his explaining the finer details of his awesome real life comic Window to various folks who he'd draw in. A very magnetic personality. I should've talked to him more than I did, for God's sake, cause he knew who I was, and he gave me the latest issue for free. Dave, you are seriously cool.
My Whole "Holy shit I suck." thing: Was really in my head when I saw some of the powerhouses in my room (Christ, we're talking James Jean (a lot of Vertigo cover work...), Jon Lewis, Rina Piccolo, Brendan Buford, the aforementioned Dave Lapp and the House of Twelve crew to name a few...I was like, "Oh shit, I am so not worthy of these guys, man!!!" I'd later note I probably did more business than some of them, and really, we were all comics folk. No one was laying any judgement down, and by midday Day one, I was allll good, man...
IT WAS FREE!!!!: That's right.If you wanted to be a possible customer or just wanted to look around, you just walked in off the street. No one accosted you for money, no multiple day passes needed to be bought. Every potential customer got to come in with whatever money they had in their pocket at the door and only left with less cash if they bought stuff off the Guests. By far the best innovation I've ever seen at a comics show. Christ, they all need to be that way...
I Got To Hang With My Pals: Nothing beats hanging with your friends. It was great to meet awesomeyoder and trade books with him, it was great to see Tyrone and Alana McCarthy, sach, and ttallan. Even better, I got to hang out with chipzdarsky and Ben Shannon and other cool folks after the show. I also got to crash at Chip's cool pad, and see photos of his girlfriend in her skivvies (reference for a job Chip was doing...)!! Did I thank you for that Chip? Thank you, man.Thank.YOU.
I Left Feeling Great About Comics: Which seemed to be the common theme among most folks who've posted their accounts online. I honestly meant it when I said before I've never attended such a show. It was freakin' magic, baby!!!

I'm sure something else will pop in my head later. There was just too much good going on at this gig.WOOOOO!!!!!!


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